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    Ahlam Shibli

    The notion of home
    30.07.2018 – 11.08.2018

    • Untitled (Heimat no. 27), Nordhessen, Germany, 2016–17, chromogenic print, 66,7 x 100 cm. Rathaus Kassel, 03.03.2017, courtesy of the artist, Copyright Ahlam Shibli
      Portrait photo: Susan Must
      Medium/Media: Photography
      Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

      Languages: English, Arabic if needed
      What to bring: Camera (if possible digital camera, in order to see the result during the workshop), laptop or tablet, material from your own archives, pocket notebook and pen.
      Requirements: Motivation and commitment.
      Maximum number of participants: 20
      Co-teacher: Franziska Schrödinger
      Participation fee: € 700,– (€ 540,–)


      In this course, participants will deal with the notion of HOME and will develop a photographic project focusing on this topic. All steps, from a general discussion of what is home (how can we find it, define it, lose it, describe it), through fine-tuning of specific individual projects, to the presentation in the final exhibition, will be part of the course.

      The participants will choose specific subjects and discuss them in small groups. Before going into town to photograph they will write scripts reflecting subject, methods and goals. After the photographs have been taken, the process will continue with reviewing and editing the photographs, writing captions, artist’s statements and finally presenting the works on the last day of the course.

      The aim of the course is to enable the participants to develop and structure a photographic project from the very beginning – from defining a specific subject, through taking and editing photographs, to the final step: the presentation.