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    Martin Herbert

    Writing about contemporary art
    30.07.2018 – 08.08.2018

    • Photo: Mira Turba
      Medium/Media: Writing
      Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

      Languages: English (primarily), German
      What to bring: Laptop, notebook, curiosity, works in progress
      Requirements: None, beyond an interest in contemporary art and writing about it
      Maximum number of participants: 20
      Co-teacher: Andrea Kopranovic
      Participation fee: € 600,– (€ 470,–)


      There are many reasons to write about contemporary art, whether you’re writing criticism in its various forms, producing an explanatory text for a museum, or simply want to put the personal experience of visiting a gallery into language that lives up to it. In this course, designed to be useful to anyone who seeks to develop or improve their writing in this field, we will consider how to respond with creativity and clarity to the subjective process of looking at contemporary art.

      A number of formats will be explored, including the exhibition review, the longer essay and the institutional text, on the understanding that there are things to be learned from all of them. We’ll practise responding to artworks, and also consider professional skills such as pitching articles and reviews, researching, interviewing, dealing with editing, and what – and how – to read in order to improve one’s craft. Most of all, we’ll examine how to convey the effects of richly complex images and objects without simplifying them, and how writing about art can be a way of discovering what we really think.