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    Tony Chakar

    On seeking incuriously
    30.07.2018 – 11.08.2018

    • All that Is Solid Melts into Air, installation view at On Becoming Two, Beirut Art Centre, 2017, acrylic paint on wall, courtesy Antonios Chalfoun
      Medium/Media: All media
      Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

      Language: English
      What to bring: Laptop, camera, sound recording devices if possible
      Requirements: Reading of André Breton’s Nadja and/or Walter Benjamin’s One Way Street in advance is recommended
      Maximum number of participants: 15
      Participation fee: € 700,– (€ 540,–)


      Baudelaire once said that he happened upon the words of his poems on the Paris pavements. Many 20th-century artistic movements, such as the Surrealists or the Situationists, had the city as their main object of desire/production, and nowadays a lot of artistic production is performed in the city itself – where the city is not only a backdrop, but the work itself, or part of it. During the course we will talk about these issues – about cities, images, architecture, poetry, ideas… about the wonders that are all around us (just as Baudelaire’s words were all around him). We will talk of cities in general, but also about the small city of Salzburg… Three “experts” will explain different aspects of the city and discuss them with the class. We will try to discover the city together and find meaning in small things around us – like a mythology of modern life.

      This workshop aims to be cross-disciplinary and anti-specialisation, in the sense that it does not prefer one mode of artistic production to another. Participants will be encouraged to give form to their ideas and concepts using whatever is necessary – from a simple written text, to drawings and sketches, to installations or performances, because what’s important is not the form in itself, but rather the poignancy and the pertinence of the idea. The final presentation of the course will be a city walk guided by the participants, a city walk with multiple voices, where everyone (as individuals or groups) gets to present the projects which they developed during the course.