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    Caroline Achaintre

    30.07.2018 – 11.08.2018

    • Todo Custo, 2015, hand-tufted wool, 300 x 210 cm, courtesy of Arcade, London, photo: Andy Keate
      Medium/Media: Sculpture, installation, mixed media
      Location: Festung Hohensalzburg

      Languages: English, German, French
      What to bring: You may bring your own preferred material and tools. Participants will work with paper, print, all kinds of soft materials, clay
      Requirements: None
      Maximum number of participants: 20
      Co-teacher: Sonja Bendel
      Participation fee: € 700,– (€ 540,–)


      This course explores the ideas of anthropomorphy, animism and process-based working. The main focus is on the artistic production, and there will be also some theoretical input. We will explore our urge to recognize ourselves in others and our connection to objects through empathy. Further, we will look at the perception of the self and projection of the other.

      The idea in animism, the shift from an object to becoming a subject, gives it a life, animates it. The class will deal with this shift between the inanimate and the animate, and everything in between. How objects become personas and personas are defined through objects. We will be looking at ourselves through objects, sculpting without seeing, and creating portraits through everyday objects. We will be working from our imagination and from and with objects.

      Over the two-week course, the participants will use different media and techniques to explore portraiture and the field between abstraction and figuration, as well as the shift from object to subject. Participants will be working with collage, direct print, paper sculpture, clay and soft materials.

      As now it seems that we have found an answer for everything, we are seeing the inexplicable, the magic, the other(-worldly) to make sense of the everyday. The aim of the course is to bring objects to life, to become the creator of creatures, just as in Frankenstein’s Lab.