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    Gabriëlle Schleijpen

    The Spaceship, the Body and the Book / 06.08.2016 10:15
    Location: Künstlerhaus
    Venue: Hellbrunner Straße 3, 5020 Salzburg
    Language: English

    The DAI’s integrated two-year curriculum brings emerging curators and artists together in research trajectories curated and tutored by befriended institutions as well as by independent artists, curators, writers and theorists. Ten times per year, students and tutors plug into the so-called DAI week: a temporary art commune, theory camp, think-tank and experimental learning environment in Arnhem (NL) or elsewhere in the world. DAI, as a Roaming Academy, seeks to probe and bolster non-hegemonic, meaningful, intellectual, effective and affective, trans-spatial relations between articulate, small-scale and transformative art communities worldwide.

    In her talk Gabriëlle Schleijpen will take the DAI's location in Arnhem in relation to its praxis as Roaming Academy as the departure point for some musings on the why, where and for whom of the Global Campus.