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A short interview with... Till Megerle

Summeracademy: Why drawing? (And why figurative drawing?)

Till MegerleYou can basically start drawing right away, not much preparation needed.This accessibility of drawing is a nice thing, it's easier to overcome doubt and hesitation. You don't have to change your clothes, material is cheap and your pictures don't take up much space (which doesn't mean that they can't be strong statements). Figurative drawing offers the possibility to include the visible world into ones's pictures. Thus it is a nice tool to reflect upon your surroundings and deal with your interests. (There's nothing wrong with non-figurative drawing.)


[Till Megerle, Untitled, 2016, ink on paper, courtesy of the artist and Christian Andersen, Copenhagen]

S: Where does your inspiration come from?

Inspiration comes from life to rap culture.

[Class of Till Megerle, 2017, photo: Mira Turba]

S: What do you like about the Summer Academy?

At the Summer Academy you can find  exchange with people who are seriously and deeply interested in art. I like to think, talk and work together with them.

04/04/18 17:37 Summer Academy 2017, Summer Academy 2018
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