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A short interview with... Andreas Lolis

Summeracademy: How did you get to work with stone/marble?

Andreas LolisThe relation between me and my material is a little bit strange. I think that the material chose me. This relation is a very good conversation in which I try to understand what is inside of the material and to see what it is for me, how we can go on respecting each other. I think it’s not without reason that the first drawing I did was on a marble surface.

[Andreas Lolis, Small home, 2017, courtesy of the artist and The Breeder]

S: What is the special thing about that material?

A: The most important thing for me working with this material is the soul. How I manage to figure it out and to work with that. In this way I find the solution to do something now with this given material continues to the Greek ancient sculpture. 

[Class of Andreas Lolis, 2017, photo: Mira Turba]

S: What do you like about the Summer Academy?

A: T
he fact that I’m coming for the third time means a lot to me. Giving the knowledge in a very good level to the students the Summer Academy helps a lot to connect different mentalities and cultures from students from all over the world.
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