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open cALL - Global Academy conference

OPEN CALL for Pecha Kucha transcultural exchange

Deadline: May 15, 2018

The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts is planning the conference


Global Academy II, Examples of Transcultural Exchange

August 11–12, 2018

Concept: Hildegund Amanshauser, Kimberly Bradley


For the past several years, the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts has hosted the Global Academy project – a series of conferences and exchanges that focus on questions of learning and teaching art in a global context.


The 2016 conference addressed alternative academies in the Global South; the meetings in 2018 will present various models of transcultural artistic exchange and ask the following questions: How does (or could) transcultural exchange occur beyond the current binary categories of colonial-postcolonial or north-south, never forgetting our colonial pasts and the current situations that frame this kind of exchange? What projects exist and how do they work? How do artists, curators, and institutions address transcultural issues? Which methods do they use to root themselves in various regions of the world and make themselves understood?


Open Call Pecha Kucha

We are looking for artists, curators, activists and other cultural workers who have developed new, innovative projects in the field of transcultural exchange – either already realized or still in the conceptual stage – with a special focus on projects rooted in the Global South. We would like you to talk about the concept, objective, people involved, audiences you want to reach, financing, and challenges.


Who can apply?

Anyone whose work deals with the subject matter of the conference (see conference description and lineup below). Artists, curators, cultural workers, writers, teachers, researchers, activists, or students who wants to present a specific project in the Pecha Kucha format are welcome to apply.


What is Pecha Kucha? 

Pecha Kucha 20 x 20 is a simple presentation format where the speaker shows 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and the speaker explains them as they appear.


What do you get?

Travel costs (flight, train, bus, public transport); hotel (max. three nights); plus an expense allowance of 25 euros per day.


Application documents: CV, and a short description of the project you would like to present (no more than 300 words, and please note a website, if you have one).


Please state your point of departure and mode of travel (flight, train, etc.).


Application deadline May 15, 2018 Submit your written applications to office@summeracademy.at


A jury will select the participants.

Further details: office@summeracademy.at, www.summeracademy.at

tel. +43 662 842 113


[Global Academy conference 2016, photo: Mira Turba]
Schedule for participants

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Keynote lecture: Shuddhabrata Sengupta


Panel 1


Negotiation: Which models allow new modes of transcultural artistic exchange?

Alexander Koch; gallerist/New Patrons, Europe

Charles Esche; director Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, NL

Marina Fokidis; writer, editor, curator, South magazine, Kunsthalle Athina

Clementine Deliss; curator, researcher, publisher


Panel 2


Beyond the binary: What (could) come(s) after North/South, colonial/postcolonial, Eurocentric/“global”?
Bouchra Khalili, artist

Will Furtado, contemporary & deputy editor

Natasha Ginwala; curator, researcher, and writer

Paul Feigelfeld; artist, media theorist (to be confirmed)


18:30 Pecha Kucha, four presentations, open call


Sunday, August 12


Panel 3


(Re)writing (art) history now: who does it, how, and where?

Diana Campbell Betancourt; curator, art historian, Dhaka Art Summit, Samdani Art Foundation

Stephanie Bailey; Ibraaz senior editor, Ocula editor-at-large, art critic and theorist

Ahlam Shibli, artist

Eva Barois De Caevel; independent curator, curator at RAW Material Company + coordinator of the RAW Academy (Senegal).


Pecha Kucha,  four presentations, open call


Panel 4


Where do we go from here?

Tony Chakar, artist

Marina Fokidis, writer, editor, curator, South magazine, Kunsthalle Athina

Emeka Okereke, artist (to be confirmed)

Sabine B Vogel (art critic)


Observers: Cristina Bogdan, art critic and editor, Martin Herbert, art critic and editor



Moderators: Hildegund Amanshauser, Cristina Bogdan, Kimberly Bradley, Martin Herbert

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