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In Till Megerle's course High/Low: Figurative Drawing Today, participants will observe the human form and explore how the body can be depicted as the scene of social and political configurations. They will examine what forms can be found for doing this… more »
10/05/17 09:00 Summer Academy 2016 drawing course, summeracademy, till megerle

Aisha Khalid

A few days ago Pakistani artist Aisha Khalid, who is going to teach miniature painting next summer, opened a show, together with Imran Qureshi, at Pakistan National Council of the Arts, National Art Gallery in Islamabad called Two Wings to Fly Not… more »
19/04/17 11:34 Summer Academy 2017 miniature painting course, summeracademy

Marc Monzó

Marc Monzó, catalan jeweller based in Barcelona, has a specific view on jewellery making. He contemplates the nature of things and reflects this process of observation in his pieces, known for their plain and intelligent designs. Wining the prestigious… more »
19/03/17 17:09 Summer Academy 2017 jewellery course, summeracademy

Paulina Olowska

Paulina ist ein großartige Mslerin nicht nur das auch pergformerin   more »
13/03/17 14:02 Summer Academy 2017 paulina olowska painting course, summeracademy
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