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The essence underneath the material - The essence in the material

Not wanting to just talk about her own work, Liliana Moro invited Cecilia Casorati, professor for contemporary art in Rome, to hold the talk together. Starting from a provocative statement by Sol Lewitt from the 70ies, "Materials are the damnation of art", she describes how the artists of that time saw their working materials as an important factor in their work and how this changed in the 80ies and 90ies, where artists said they simply use the materials, but don't consider them important enough to be talked about. At the end of the 90ies, this shifted again. Materials were once more important, but more in their political context.

This, she demonstrates with a work by Liliana Moro, called " Underdog" from 2005, that deals with the losers of society, who they are and how they are seen. Interestingly, the work consists of 5 dogs cast in bronze, one of them dead. Asked why she used this material, Liliana Moro stated that she felt like using a traditional material, linking it to grand monuments of leaders and heroes. This leads right to her other work Cecilia is presenting, called Piazza # 3 (square # 3), which is part of a series of small structures built from all kinds of materials and covered in silver spray paint. In Italy, the squares are the heart of life, adorned with monuments of kings and generals. Liliana wondered, what could be placed there today.

The one Cecilia presents, telephone poles built from plastic and beans, covered in spray paint concealing everything underneath, deals with the mysterious death of publisher Federico Fellini. Compared to different political art, like the wooden slates by Francesco Arena. Put next to each other, they stretch as long as the last walk of Giuseppe Pinelli, an Italian anarchist that fell to his death from the windows of a police station, Lilianas work is accessible without knowing the bigger story, something she is very happy about.


25/08/10 17:09 SummerAcademy 2010
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