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The Story of Kokoška

New week, new people, new stories. Before I get into a conversation with a new group of teachers, I would like to share a story. It's about Kokoschka. Or rather, kokoška.      A while ago, nevermind when, I've decided to study art history. At… more »
31/07/17 14:26 Summer Academy 2017

Settling in. Am I Making Friends Yet?

Before I knew it, twelve days have passed. Two working weeks. Four courses are ending today with an Open Days exhibition and I’m genuinely curious what the artists are going to show. I am finally a little bit used to the architectural pastry chef's… more »
28/07/17 15:54 Summer Academy 2017

Wednesday is the Day for Officials - The Landesrat Came By!

Summer Academy of Art in Salzburg would not exist without support. Every year, the school is visited by local officials responsible for culture in the region. On Wednesday, we had an official visit from Dr. Heinrich Schellhorn, Landesrat and I’ve had… more »
27/07/17 19:22 Summer Academy 2017

Thinking with Ruth Noack - A Few Words About the Curatorial Course

Curators are a special bunch. They are very involved into their own world, guided by Ruth Noack, a renowned curator and their teacher for the course. In a short conversation, I learned more about how she approaches the 2-week summer course. When you… more »
26/07/17 12:50 Summer Academy 2017

Telling a Story Together with Tex Rubinowitz

Upon entering Tex Rubinowitz’s classroom, I found a large group of people sitting around the long table, engaged in a lively discussion in German. Catching about every tenth word, I struggled to grasp what the conversation is about, but the creative and… more »
25/07/17 16:20 Summer Academy 2017

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