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A short interview with... Jakob Kolding

  Summeracademy: Why collage as a technique?   Jakob Kolding: To me collage is a way of working with images that in a very immediate sense shows how meaning is constructed, and at the same time, how it can be challenged. You take an image of one… more »
23/03/18 15:11 Summer Academy 2018

A short interview with... Emeka Okereke

Summeracademy: Why did you choose photography as your medium?   Emeka Okereke: It was John Berger who, in “Ways of Seeing”, said something to the effect of "every photograph is a cultural construct”. I chose this medium for how it potently allows me… more »
13/03/18 17:37 Summer Academy 2018


BLOGGER IN RESIDENCE _ job advertisement The Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts seeks a blogger for six weeks (16 July–25 August 2018), to report on the official and unofficial activities of the Summer Academy. The daily blog entries… more »
09/03/18 14:36 Summer Academy 2018

A short interview with... Ahlam Shibli

Summeracademy: What does the term “Heimat/home” mean to you?  Ahlam: Santu Mofokeng has written: "The notion of 'home' is a fiction we create out of a need to belong." Home's inaccessibility and evasiveness is responsible at one and the same… more »
07/03/18 18:31 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2018
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