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Global Academy

As the opening of the 2017 Summer Academy is coming closer, we would like to present some of our event’s programme, and especially tell you more about the lecturers of the Global Academy lectures. The project begun in 2016 with the Global Academy… more »
30/06/17 12:55 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017

Andreas Lolis

Fascinated by the relics of the 21st century, by all the things that as a society we discard on a daily basis, Andreas Lolis has been working since 2011 on a series of marble sculptures that are replicas of thrown-out boxes and styrofoam material. One… more »
23/06/17 15:40 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017


“Muito romantico” is the title of a film by Distruktur. Without knowing the Brazilian language one could think about a “very romantic” film, but a better translation would be “too romantic, too cheesy”. It tells the story of a man and a woman in… more »
20/06/17 15:25 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017

Bernhard Martin

„I like to paint my own films“ Bernhard Martin has a radical, masterly way of combining different styles of painting to create complete narratives. This way of working makes him one of the principal representatives of his generation. His works,… more »
16/06/17 10:25 Summer Academy 2015, Summer Academy 2017

The event's programme is online!

We are proud to present the 2017 event's programme of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts! Produce Art! is the title of our programme, it is a call to action. Yes - let's produce some art. The primary aim of the programme of events… more »
14/06/17 18:14 Summer Academy 2016

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