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Bernhard Martin

„I like to paint my own films“

Bernhard Martin has a radical, masterly way of combining different styles of painting to create complete narratives. This way of working makes him one of the principal representatives of his generation. His works, enhanced with supposed fragments of reality, reveal a fathomless universe of constructs bizarre in both style and content. He is constantly ready to experiment in all directions and wants to show the enriching potential of what is out of the ordinary. 

Check out this video of his lunch talk in 2015 at the Summer Academy. 


Already in 2015 Bernhard Martin held a course at the Summer Academy in Salzburg. We are glad, that he will return this summer and are totally looking forward to his course, which is already fully booked.

If you are interested in his work, there is an Artist’s talk on 2 August at 6 p.m. at Galerie 5020. Bernhard Martin will discuss the question of what contemporary paintings could look like in our sensation-hungry age? Can painting today survive autonomously beside other media? 

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16/06/17 10:25 Summer Academy 2015, Summer Academy 2017
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