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Andreas Lolis

Fascinated by the relics of the 21st century, by all the things that we discard on a daily basis, Andreas Lolis has been working since 2011 on a series of marble sculptures that are replicas of thrown-out boxes and styrofoam material.

One of those pieces is on show at the Fridericianum in Kassel within the presentation of the EMST during documenta14.


In his course at the Summer Academy he asks: What does it mean to work with a monumental material? And how can the traditional technique of stone sculpting simultaneously be contemporary?

The course is taking place at the Untersberg quarry, which for centuries has provided the so-called “Untersberg-marble”, which is in fact limestone. The place offers the ideal conditions for different approaches of working. As the student’s live and work directly on site at the quarry for four weeks, the atmosphere is very inspiring.



23/06/17 15:40 Summer Academy 2016, Summer Academy 2017
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