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Kimberly Bradley

There are many possibilities to write about art and there is a variety of text formats. A press release contains other information than a review, which in turn is formulated in a different way than a catalogue essay, a contribution in a daily newspaper or a tweet. An artist will write differently about his own work than a critic. As an experienced journalist Kimberly Bradley is the best teacher for this diversity. She knows all kinds of writing, from popular to theoretical and she knows how to communicate it. She contributes to New York Times, Monocle, Frieze a. o. and she has many years of experience in editing, e.g. for Haus der Kunst in Munich. 

She will advise you how to overcome writing inhibitions and gets you to trust your instincts. Students will work on how to revise their own texts and will learn about the mechanics and strategies of art writing and issues around art criticism. Have a look at her website and find some texts by her on trend online magazine hyperallergic.

26/03/17 22:50 Summer Academy 2017
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