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Marc Monzó


Catalan jeweller Marc Monzó, based in Barcelona, has a specific view on jewellery making. He contemplates the nature of things and reflects this process of observation in his pieces, known for their plain and intelligent designs. Wining the prestigious Françoise van den Bosch prize 2016, he is among the most famous jewellers in Europe today. The jury praised his ability to reduce jewellery to its essence while still keeping his work poetic, elegant, wearable and playful at the same time. It is surprising too, in the way it connects sometimes contradictory ideas. "Fire Camp, brooch" e.g. combines geometry and found forms of natural elements.

Marc Monzó, "Fire Camp", brooch, 2014, silver, steel, 85 x 65mm

"My work is a treasure hunt among things and ideas finally fashioning into pieces of jewellery made to be desired, worn, questioned, or loved", he says.

Read here an insightful interview with Marc Monzo about his relationship to materials, form-finding processes, small objects that he collects and his ideas about teaching. On the bottom of this page you will also find further texts and information on Marc Monzó. 


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