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    Andreas Lolis

    Working with stone
    22.07.2018 – 18.08.2018

    • Small homes, 2017, marble, 100 x 65 x 35 cm, courtesy of the artist and The Breeder
      Medium/Media: Stone sculpture
      Location: Kiefer Steinbruch Fürstenbrunn

      Languages: English, Greek, Italian
      What to bring: Weatherproof clothing, protective goggles and gloves, earmuffs, dust mask
      Requirements: Interest in working with stone, previous experience in stone-sculpting is welcome but isn’t a condition
      Maximum number of participants: 12
      Co-teachers: Anna Hofbauer, Stavros Mavromichalis
      Participation fee: € 1.200,– (€ 880,–)


      What does it mean to work with a monumental material? How can one take an ephemeral, perishable object and turn it into something monumental? How can the traditional technique of stone-sculpting simultaneously be contemporary? In this course, the participants will explore and discuss issues which Andreas Lolis also deals with in his own work, when he transforms common packaging litter into precious marble sculptures.

      The Untersberg quarry, which for centuries has provided the co-called “Untersberg marble” (which in fact is a limestone), offers ideal conditions for different approaches to this material. Participants live and work for four weeks directly on site, thus gaining an idea of the dimensions and the complex operations involved in quarrying, both past and present.

      Participants will learn about the possibilities and limitations of working with limestone. They will explore light, colour and texture of this specific material and experiment or refine skills in the treatment of the stone.


      As from Saturday evening, 21 July, simple dormitory accommodation will be available for € 7.– per night in the quarry grounds. A place in the dormitory may be booked for the full duration only, and is to be paid in advance.